Medium voltage switchgear

Widely used for power plants, transformer substations, airports, railways, subways, ports, supermarkets, shopping centers and hospitals.

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A set of medium voltage switchgear is on the ground.

Low voltage switchgear

Used for power generation, power transmission, power distribution, electrical energy conversion and power consumption equipment control.

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A set of low voltage switchgear is on the ground.

Prefabricated substation

Widely used for many areas because of compact structure, safe & reliable operation, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance.

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A green prefabricated substation is on the ground.

Electric Power Distributions for Power Generation, Transmission & Conversion

An oil-immersed power transformer is installed in a power system.
Power transformer is used to change alternating voltage by electromagnetic induction.

Hebei Keneng Electric Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of high quality electric equipment in China with many years experience. We provide our customers with safe and complete electric equipment, and we can also design power systems for customers according to their requirements. We have established long term cooperation relationship with many companies these years, and we have won high reputation from our customers and our competitors.

Our electric equipment includes switchgear, power transformer, prefabricated substation, circuit breakers, current transformer, potential transformer and other electric components. They are widely used for people's daily life and many industries, such as residential areas, power plants, transformer substations, switching stations, airports, ports, railways, subways, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, paper-making, concrete, textile, chemical engineering, food, automobile, petroleum & natural gas pipelines, metallurgy and mine.

We can design power systems of various fields for customers, such as residential areas, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, railways, airports and many other areas. Customers should provide the project drawings or give us their demands, and we will design the power systems for them according to the project drawings or their demands.

Keneng Focusing on Research and Development
Devote Itself to Providing High Quality Products and Considerate Service for Customers

Power generation, transmission, distribution and conversion.

Change alternating voltage by electromagnetic induction.

Prefabricated substation

Small occupation, lightweight and reliable performance.

Circuit breaker

Power distribution and electric motor protection.

Potential transformer

Measure circuit voltage, power and electric energy.

Hot Products

We provide customers with safe and high quality electric power distribution products.

A set of MV KYN28A-12 (GZS1) metal-clad movable switchgear.

Switchgears are widely used for power plants, transformer substations, petrochemical engineering, light & textile industry and metallurgical rolling.

A dry type power transformer.

Dry type transformer is a kind of voltage transformer utilizing nature air cooling or forced air cooling to reduce the working temperature.

A green prefabricated substation is on the ground.

YB-12/0.4 prefabricated substations are widely used for residential areas, commercial hotels, large construction sites and temporary workplaces.