MV GTXGN-12 (KESR-12) Solid Insulated RMU - Small Volume & Reliable Performance

A MV GTXGN-12 (KESR-12) solid insulated RMU.
MV GTXGN-12 (KESR-12) solid insulated RMU is widely used for urban distribution network transformation and industrial & mining enterprises of poor environment.

MV GTXGN-12 (KESR-12) solid insulated RMU is widely used for urban distribution network transformation and industrial & mining enterprises of poor environment. It adopts embedded pole technology and it takes advantage of epoxy resin and silicone rubber to achieve complete insulation. It is totally closed and the protection degree is IP67. It is environmental protection product, because it cancels the SF6 application. It is suitable for any poor environments, such as snowstorm, flood and serious pollution. Besides, it is manufactured in small volume, light weight, high safety and reliable performance.


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  • IEC 420: 1990.

Working conditions:

  • Temperature range: -45 °C to +45 °C.
  • The maximum average relative humidity: daily: ≤ 95%, monthly: ≤ 90%.
  • Altitude: ≤ 4000 m.
  • Seismic intensity: ≤ 8 degree.

Note: if the actual working condition is beyond the specified working conditions, please contact manufacturers in time.


  • Flexible and convenient operation. The product is designed of electric & manual energy storage, and it is also electric & manual opening and closing. what's more, it is close or long distance remote operation.
  • Live parts are completely sealed (switch is packaged with epoxy resin sleeve and bus-bar is packaged with silicone rubber), and the whole switchgear is completely insulated and closed.
  • Maintenance free. The main loop of circuit breaker, secondary devices and operating mechanisms are all sealed in SF6, and they are not influenced by the outside environment.
  • It can be designed of 485/232 communication interface and it can achieve remote monitoring by optical fiber and wireless.
  • Remote control opening & closing switch adopts preventing false action design.
  • Controller is highly resistant to weather and condensation.
  • Air connectors are connected with switch body, so the connection is reliable and protection degree is high.
Differences between SF6 RMU and solid RMU
Items SF6 RMU Solid RMU Comparison
Rated voltage 12 kV 12 kV Same
Rated current 630 A 630 A Same
Structure 3-phase integrated 3-phase separate Solid RMU will not short-circuit between phases.
Operating mechanisms 3-phase integrated 3-phase integrated Same
Arc extinguishing way SF6 gas Vacuum Solid RMU breaking life increases.
Insulation SF6 gas Epoxy resin Solid RMU has better insulation performance. There is no need to test gas leakage.
Earth connection 3-phase integrated 3-phase separate Earth connection of solid RMU can be carried out in separate phases.
Overall size (mm) 1460 × 823 × 1409 1640 × 750 × 1143 The volume of solid RMU reduced by 20%.


  • The ability of SF6 insulation and arc extinguishing will weaken if SF6 pressure decreases. So arc breaking may lose, and this may cause cabinet explosion. This is the weakness of SF6 RMU. However, SF6 is not applied in MV GTXGN-12 (KESR-12) solid insulated RMU, so it can avoid the phenomenon totally.
  • Solid RMU switch unit adopts reinforced America GE epoxy resin sleeve as external protection, and soft fillers are filled between insulated sleeve and vacuum switch unit. So solid RMU is more suitable for anti-explosion places considering the anti-explosion performance of vacuum arc extinguishing chamber.
  • Solid RMU adopts interphase isolation, so trouble will not spread. Insulated sleeve strengthens protection further, which can achieve anti-explosion performance.
  • Insulated sleeve solid sealing can make arc extinguishing chamber surface unaffected by surrounding environment. And this design increases the ability of insulation, pollution & condensation resistance greatly. Meanwhile, it increases mechanical strength and ozone, ultraviolet light & aging resistance performance.
  • Solid RMU canceled pressure parts (such as gas tank, pressure gauge, explosion proof device and air-charging value), which increases product safety performance further. And there is no need to do leakage testing in the product running process, which decreases operating maintenance workload.
  • Solid RMU adopts vacuum arc extinguishing. The arc extinguishing principle is that arc current crosses zero naturally, and the vacuum medium makes arc gap insulated, then arc will not burn again. So the arc extinguishes. Vacuum arc extinguishing determines the running safety of solid RMU.
  • The products passed water immersion test. Underwater pressure is 0.3 bar, and the product runs with charge for 24 h with 12 kV voltage. All testing data meet regulated requirements.
  • The product cancels the chain application, which improves the reliable performance of transmission mechanism.


  • Unit can achieve connection program on the spot.
  • Unit can achieve exchange on the spot.
  • Unit can achieve changing scheme on the spot.
  • Users can connect power supply on the spot, and the upgrade of monitoring, intelligence and measure is convenient.
Technical parameters
Items C module F module V module
Load switch Load switch Vacuum circuit breaker Disconnecting/earthing switch
Rated voltage (kV) 12 12 12 12
Power frequency withstand voltage phase-phase, phase-earth/across open contacts (kV) 42/42 42/42 42/42 42/48
Lightning impulse withstand voltage phase-phase, phase-earth/across open contacts (kV) 75/95 75/95 75/95 75/95
Rated current (A) 630 125 630 630
Closed loop breaking current (A) 630 - - -
Cable charging breaking current (A) 10 - - -
5% rated active load breaking current (A) 31.5 - - -
Cable charging breaking current during earth fault (A) 31.5 - - -
Short-circuit breaking current (kA) - Subject to high voltage fuse 20 20
Making capability (kA) 50 Subject to high voltage fuse 50 50
Short-time withstand current 4 s (kA) 20 20 20 20
Rated take-over current (A) - 3700 - -
Mechanical life (Times) 10000 10000 10000 10000

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