MV KYN28C-12 Metal-clad Movable Switchgear - Miniaturization

A MV KYN28C-12 metal-clad movable switchgear.
MV KYN28C-12 metal-clad movable switchgear.

MV KYN28C-12 metal-clad movable switchgear is the modification of MV KYN28A-12 metal-clad movable switchgear, so it not only has the advantages of MV KYN28A-12 metal-clad movable switchgear, but it also has other features shown below.

  • The cabinet size: width: 650 mm, depth: 1200 mm, height: 2200 mm. And this kind of switchgear is smaller than other standard switchgears.
  • It is equipped with ZN63K solid sealed polar pole type vacuum circuit breaker, and insulation performance is perfect. And this design solves the vacuum circuit breaker environment tolerance problem and it makes circuit breaker miniaturization and high-reliability come true.
  • The rated current is 1250 A when the width of switchgear is 650 mm. If the rated current is larger than 1250 A, the width of switchgear should be larger than 650 mm.
  • Both of current transformer and voltage transformer are manufactured of miniaturization and technical indicators meet standard requirements. And they can be installed in cabinet body properly.
  • Pressure relief cover is designed of heat dissipation function, which is beneficial to in-time ventilation & heat dissipation. This design can also prevent dust effectively.
  • Small bus-bar terminal and small bus-bar are our patented products, and their installation and overhaul are simple and convenient.

Normal working conditions:

  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +40 °C.
  • The maximum daily average relative humidity: 95%.
  • The maximum monthly average relative humidity: 90%.
  • Altitude: ≤ 1000 m.
  • Seismic intensity: ≤ 8 degree.

Note: if the working condition is beyond the normal working conditions, please contact us before goods ordering.

Special matters needing attention:
The temperature of many regions in our country is high, and temperature fluctuation is fast, so switchgears are faced with the risk of condensation running in this kind of environment. Therefore, there are some matters needing attention in switchgears using process.

  • Heaters should be put into operation as early as possible after switchgears are installed.
  • Ensure heaters at running condition all day during switchgears standing by and running.

MV KYN28-12 intelligent metal-clad switchgear and its main switches meet the standards as below:

  • International standard:
    • IEC 60694.
    • IEC 62271-100.
    • IEC 62271-102.
    • IEC 62271-200.
  • National standard:
    • GB 1984.
    • GB 3906.
    • GB/T 11022.
    • GB/T 16927.1.
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Rated voltage (kV) 12
Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) 75
Main bus-bar rated current (A) 630, 1250
Branch bus-bar rated current (A) 630, 1250
Rated short-time withstand current (kA) 16, 20, 25, 31.5
Rated peak withstand current (kA) 40, 50, 63, 80
Protection degree Enclosure: IP4X, opening: IP2X.

Application of MV KYN28C-12 metal-clad movable switchgear:

  • It is used for power plants, transformer substations, switching stations and main & auxiliary switch station.
  • It is used for industries, such as paper-making, cement, textile, chemical engineering, food, automobile, petroleum and natural gas pipelines, metallurgy and mine.
  • It is used for airports, ports, subways and railways.
  • It is used for supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals and basis & civilian facilities.

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