YB-12/0.4 Prefabricated Substation with Compact Structure and Convenient Maintenance

A green prefabricated substation is on the ground.
Prefabricated substations are widely used because of compact structure, safe & reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

YB-12/0.4 prefabricated substation is suitable for 12 kV, 50 Hz rated frequency, three-phase, AC system and capacity configuration below 2000 kVA areas, such as residential areas, commercial hotels, large construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial & mining establishments and temporary workplaces. It is suitable for looped-network power supply, and it is also suitable for radiate type terminal power supply.

It has many advantages, such as compact structure, complete set, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance. what's more, it also has other features, such as small in size & occupation, wide in selection, easy on-site installation, short period of installation & debugging and moving along with load center.

The model and meaning of YB-12/0.4 prefabricated substation.

Working conditions:

  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +40 °C.
  • Altitude: ≤ 1000 m, and the altitude can be up to 3000 m if special transformer and low voltage components are used.
  • Vertical gradient: ≤ 5°.
  • Workplaces should be free of violent vibration & shock, conductive dust, explosive danger, erosive metals and electrical apparatus elements.
  • Air humidity: ≤ 90% (+25 °C).
  • Outdoor wind speed: ≤ 35 m/s.


  • Shell is manufactured with many advantages, such as fastness, excellent performance in heat insulation & ventilation, anti-dust, preventing small animals, moisture proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. Shell materials have many kinds for choice, such as aluminum alloy sheet, steel sheet, composite board, stainless steel panel and non-metallic material (glass, fiber, cement).
  • High voltage side usually adopts load switch. Vacuum circuit breaker is also suitable with complete anti-misoperation function. Program combination is flexible and multiple. It can be equipped with SF6 RMU and vacuum load switch RMU, and it also can be equipped with XGN66-12 fixed metal-enclosed switchgear, KYN28B-12 metal-clad movable switchgear & KYN28C-12 metal-clad movable switchgear. The transformers can be oil immersed, full-enclosed and dry-type.
  • The substation protection performance is perfect, and the operation and convenient. High & low voltage measurement can be selected. And automatic reactive power compensation devices can be equipped according to users' requirements.
  • Cabinet top cover is designed of double-layer structure, and between layers are full of foams and plastics, which have good heat insulation function. There are independent top plates in the high & low voltage chambers. And there are anti-condensation device, automatic temperature monitoring device and heating & cooling device in transformer chamber.
  • Cabinet is designed of natural ventilation, and forced ventilation equipment can also be installed to cabinet. There is anti-dust device in the shutter place which is opposite to door panel and pot side of lateral panel.
Technical parameters
Items High voltage unit Transformer Low voltage unit
Rated voltage (kV) 12 10/0.4 0.4
Rated current (A) 630 - 1250 - -
Rated frequency (Hz) 50 50 50
Rated capacity (kVA) - 300 - 2000 -
1 min power frequency withstand voltage (kV) Phase-earth and phase-phase: 42, across open contacts: 48 35/28 2.0/2.5
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) 75 75 -
Protection degree IP23
Noise level (dB) - Oil immersed: ≤ 55 Dry-type: ≤ 65 -
Overall size (mm) According to the specific program

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